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How to Cast Real Magic Spells

Cast Real Magic Spells Today!

There are many things which will add to a success or failure of a spell. Any of the following, or a combination of the following can assist you in your spell casting.1

The Moon Stage
The appropriate Moon phase is among ranks a favored watchout for success in Spell casting. Just as a farmer might sow his seeds or fishermen cast his net  on the full moon, a full moon can assist you with your spells. Nonetheless  some spells work much better on other phases of the moon. Selecting the right moon phase is often much easier then others.

Why is this so? The moon radiates the life force of the sun and focuses it like a mirror. So the moon per se isn’t important. It is the focusing of the sun’s energy.

There are 4 stages of the moon, and each stage lasts for 7 days. Lots of people think the ‘Full Moon’ phases is just one evening, however they are incorrect, the ‘Full Moon’ is really the 3 days, the day of, and the 3 days after the date where the moon is the fullest. The following are the stages:.


  • New Moon – During this stage spells which eliminate things will have the best success rates.
  • Waxing Moon – Throughout this stage spells which get things (money, hair, etc) will be at their peak.
  • Full Moon – All magic is much more effective on the night of the full moon, during this phase spells which take care of power and magical energies will be at their greatest.
  • Waning Moon – During this stage spells which handle the doing away of damage of things will work best.

The Correct MagicTools

You have to use the right components. For instance do not use a green candle in a love spell, make use of a red one. Keep the green candle for cash spells. Most active ingredients for all the spells could be found in your local groceries, or you may search for the items in your local stores or elsewhere online.

Magical ingredients also have a greater impact when they have actually already had a charmed spell placed on them. You can charm an object with intent. Here’s a quick way:

  • Breathe deeply and calmly
  • Feel yourself drawing heat and warmth from the core of the earth
  • Spiral that energy (chi ) into your navel chakra. Read this mind power article for more info.
  • Hold the object and flood it with your intent and unconditional love.
  • The object is charmed for life!

The Psychological Condition of the Magic Caster Specialist.
When casting a spell you need to be focused on the spell, the target, and the feelings of the spell. When casting a hex you have to burn with hatred for the entity you are casting the spell on.

The Experience of the Spell Casting Professional.
The more experience you have with magic, the greater the effect of the spell you will cast. If all you do is cast a spell once a year, you will not have the ability to cast powerful spells. You must cast numerous spells and become knowledgeable about the feel of magic before you have the ability to regulate it completely.

Too commonly people get discouraged after just casting a couple of spells and give up on magic. Typically it will take a couple of times for a spell to work efficiently for brand-new spell casters. This will quickly vanish though, once you have cast a single spell correctly, casting other spells becomes simpler.

The Magical Energy built up by the Practitioner.
There are numerous spells and routines which will build up your wonderful energy and power. It is best to exercise magic by casting a lot of small spells per week. This way you get even more experience, however at the same time you are developing your wonderful powers. Each cast stores more magical energy in your spiritual batteries. The more effective your spells will be! This is crucial when casting spells against others who likewise have actually developed their magical powers.

Your Belief in Outcome
You should believe in the spell you are casting. If you do not believe, the spell can not potentially work. Magic is not a game or a toy to have fun with. You need to commit yourself to magic and the powers of it when casting spells.

The Will of the Multiverse
No matter exactly how good your ingredients are, just how much power you have, you can not alter the will of the universe.

The Right Magic Spell.
If a spell doesn’t work for you it might be the wrong spell, or it could be the right spell however any of the above other things like the energy flow, your state of mind, the active ingredients or something off may be off. Keep a notebook of all the spells you have cast, and how you executed.